Integrated Approach

The Silicon Therapeutics fully integrated approach to drug discovery and development enables us to design small molecule therapeutic candidates for challenging targets in areas of unmet medical need.

From Chip to Clinic

The Silicon Therapeutics proprietary computational physics-driven platform, in-house research laboratories and clinical development expertise allow us to more accurately design, validate and develop therapeutics to address protein targets that have proven to be difficult to drug.

Design Loop: Atomistic Shifts, Massive Results

Silicon Therapeutics is pioneering a physics-driven approach to drug design in which our quantum physics-based molecular simulations go beyond binding to augment ideation and evaluation within the design cycle. We screen millions of small molecule therapeutic candidates and rigorously simulate the interactions between hundreds of candidates and a target protein to design drugs atom-by-atom. Our approach delivers insights into the chemistry and biophysics of each candidate and enables us to evaluate candidates against the desired biological outcome and test the most promising molecules in our laboratories.

Connecting the Dots

At Silicon Therapeutics our quantum physicists, chemists, biologists, biophysicists, force field developers and parallel computing experts work as a unified team every day to identify a problem, formulate purpose-built algorithms, and deploy solutions. Our high-performance computing cluster further strengthens the team’s ability to alter free energy-based solutions and run at scale in response to data uncovered in new iterations of the molecular design loop.