Quantum Physics

The most accurate energies and force field parameters.

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics describes nature at the fundamental level of atomic nuclei and electrons. It is the most accurate way to simulate the behavior of molecules and interactions between molecules, and allows us to accurately predict complex biomolecular recognition motifs such as metal ligation and subtle interactions (πœ‹β€“πœ‹, cationβ€“πœ‹, halogen bonds, etc.) that have been shown to be critical in biological systems.

At Silicon Therapeutics we believe that deploying quantum physics to tackle the  druggability challenges inherent in high hanging fruit targets is how we will deliver significant new medicines to patients suffering from cancer and other debilitating diseases.


About the Project Team

Silicon Therapeutics employs an exceptional team of outstanding life scientists and computer scientists with a unifying belief that we can make better medicines faster and cheaper using computers.