Innate Immuno-Oncology

We are utilizing our quantum physics-based discovery engine to therapeutically modulate targets in the innate immune system, driving immune cells to inflame, attack and eradicate tumors.

Pathways and Targets

Drugs targeting checkpoints (e.g. PD-1) of the adaptive immune system have been transformational for some cancer patients. However, the majority of patients do not respond to these therapies as their tumors lack infiltrating lymphocytes, upon which these drugs act.
Silicon Therapeutics is designing new medicines to turn tumors from a  ‘cold’ immunological state to a ‘hot’ state, infiltrated with lymphocytes. We are doing so by activating the key innate immune pathways that control this biology. Our molecules flip key, intracellular switches in innate immune pathways that are essential for generating an anti-tumor immune response; turning on pro-inflammatory switches and turning off immunosuppressive checkpoints.
Though these targets have not been tractable with traditional drug discovery approaches, we are able to create potent small molecule therapeutics using our computational physics platform to determine the disease-relevant protein conformations (Conformational Genetics) and designing the right molecules to optimally modulate target function.