Conformational Genetics

Silicon Therapeutics’ physics engine not only simulates the underlying motion of the atoms and properties of our targets, but also looks at how these properties are impacted directly by disease mutations.


Roadmap to Targets & Drug Design

At Silicon we are using our computational physics platform to determine the effect of disease-driving mutations on protein conformation and activity to design drugs that address key biological targets. Analysis of human disease genetics defines the drug targets that matter and the impact of mutations on protein conformation and activity inform us on how to design drugs that will appropriately modulate the target for therapeutic effect.
Using modeling and simulation of somatic mutations in cancer, as well as germline mutations in inherited diseases, we are able to understand how changes in protein sequence alter the thermodynamics that govern the active and inactive states (or conformations) of a target.
Conformational Genetics is our engine to select targets and guide our early drug discovery portfolio at Silicon Therapeutics.