Woody Sherman, Ph.D., Joins Silicon Therapeutics as CSO, Leading Efforts on Computational Platform Development and Drug Design

Boston – March 4, 2017: Silicon Therapeutics (SiTX), an integrated computational drug discovery company creating novel small molecule therapeutics for diseases with challenging protein targets, today announced the appointment of Woody Sherman, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer to lead the development and application of its INSITE computational platform. Silicon is the first company to tightly couple a physics-based computational platform with internal experimental efforts.

“We are at the dawn of a new era where accurate all-atom physics-based simulations can be performed fast enough and at a scale necessary to break through the bottlenecks related to many of today’s biologically validated but chemically inaccessible targets,” said Dr. Sherman. “At Silicon Therapeutics, we will focus on these targets to design novel medicines through the synergistic integration of chemistry, biology, and the most advanced computational methods. Silicon has been founded on the principle that accurate physics-based simulation methods that rigorously account for full system flexibility (proteins, ligands, cofactors, and water molecules) coupled with new technologies, such as cloud and GPU computing, will revolutionize the design of new medicines. I am committed to help Silicon become a leading biopharmaceutical company based on these principles.”

“Woody’s expertise and over 15 years’ experience as a leader in computational methods development and drug design will provide Silicon with significant advantages as we continue to push forward as an industry leader at the intersection of massive computation and drug discovery,” said Lanny Sun, CEO of Silicon Therapeutics. “We are extremely pleased and honored to be able to attract Dr. Sherman and look forward to continued advancements in targeting difficult to drug proteins with him on-board.”

Dr. Sherman joins Silicon from Schrödinger, a leader in computational chemistry software development, where he was vice president and global head of the Applications Science team, helping pharmaceutical companies apply computational chemistry tools to challenging targets. He was also part of the senior management team and was involved in modeling services, methods development, and product management. Dr. Sherman is a leader in molecular simulations and computer-aided drug design, with over 80 publications covering novel methods and applications. He completed his Ph.D. at MIT with Professor Bruce Tidor, Ph.D., where he examined the role of electrostatics and dynamics in protein-ligand binding, and developed a novel method for optimizing ligand binding specificity across a panel of (desirable and undesirable) targets. Dr. Sherman has published on a broad range of topics, including free energy simulations, molecular dynamics, induced-fit docking, virtual screening, lead optimization, selectivity design, cheminformatics, and protein design. He is on the Editorial Board of Chemical Biology & Drug Design and the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.

About Silicon Therapeutics

Silicon Therapeutics, the first integrated computational drug discovery company, is focused on developing novel medicines for diseases with targets that are currently considered to be challenging for traditional approaches. Our INSITE platform closely represents the real dynamical nature of targets using accurate all-atom simulations, enabling us to design and optimize compounds for targets that were previously considered “undruggable.” Our science, our team, and our mission are focused on applying advanced computational technologies to build and progress a pipeline of innovative medicines for patients. Silicon Therapeutics is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA with offices in Shanghai, China. Learn more at www.silicontx.com