Silicon Therapeutics Announces Prof. Tom Kurtzman as Open Science Fellow

Boston – April 26, 2018: Silicon Therapeutics, a physics-driven drug discovery company creating novel small molecule therapeutics for diseases with challenging protein targets, is pleased to bring Prof. Tom Kurtzman of CUNY Lehman College into the Open Science Fellow program. The Kurtzman lab focuses on the development of statistical mechanical theory and physics-based computer simulations to better understand the fundamental principles that govern biomolecular recognition, with a focus on better accounting for the role that water plays in the recognition between small molecule drugs and their target proteins. The Open Science Fellow program is designed to support investigators who have demonstrated a commitment to the open science movement through their contributions to open source software.

“We are happy to have Prof. Tom Kurtzman join us as an Open Science Fellow. Prof. Kurtzman has been a pioneer in the development of computational methods based on statistical thermodynamics and molecular dynamics to characterize the properties of water molecules around proteins,” says Dr. Woody Sherman, CSO at Silicon Therapeutics. “Water is fundamental to life and quantifying the thermodynamic profile of water molecules around protein binding sites is critical in understanding biomolecular recognition. Our work with Prof. Kurtzman has led to deep insights in our drug discovery projects that have allowed us to overcome critical bottlenecks. We are delighted to support the breakthrough research being done by Prof. Kurtzman and we are looking forward to continuing our work with him.”

“My research group and I are enthusiastic to continue our work with Silicon Therapeutics to improve the methods and theory related to water thermodynamics and biomolecular recognition,” says Prof. Kurtzman. “Physics-based simulations can greatly improve our fundamental understanding of how small molecules bind to proteins. Industry- academia collaborations like this are critical in defining important problems, validating new theories in real-world applications, and realizing the full potential of the approaches we are developing in our lab.”

About Dr. Tom Kurtzman

The Kurtzman lab focuses on the development of computational tools that can aid in the discovery and rational design of new drugs. His approach applies statistical mechanical theory and computer simulations to better understand the physical principles that govern the molecular recognition between proteins and small molecule ligands (drugs). A particular emphasis is placed on the role that water plays in the molecular recognition process. A principal goal of his research is to help design and discover drugs that bind with high affinity and selectivity to given protein targets. Prof. Kurtzman is currently an Associate Professor at Lehman College and the Doctoral Programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Silicon Therapeutics

Silicon Therapeutics, the first fully integrated physics-driven drug discovery company, is focused on developing novel medicines for diseases with targets that are currently considered to be challenging for traditional approaches. Our platform closely represents the real dynamic nature of targets using accurate all-atom simulations, enabling us to gain deep insights into the biomolecular recognition process associated with targets that were previously considered “undruggable.” Our science, our team, and our mission are focused on applying advanced physics-based computational technologies to build and progress a pipeline of innovative medicines for patients. Silicon Therapeutics is headquartered in Boston, MA, USA with offices in Shanghai, China. Learn more at