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Silicon Therapeutics (“SITX”) is a privately-held, physics-driven integrated drug discovery company in the preclinical IND stage targeting innate immunity to start, but with the capability to move into many other franchise opportunities. The Company’s initial pipeline is focused on modulation of the innate immune system to “light the spark” within immunologically cold tumors by using its physics-enabled drug discovery engine for the design of small molecule therapeutics and the lead program is in late stage preclinical studies. SITX’s discovery efforts as well as physics-based platform are all completely in-house, with a full wet lab as well as a team of over 25 experienced R&D professionals spanning biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics (NMR + X-ray) & preclinical sciences. SITX’s engine leverages quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics, which are deployed on its own internal super computer composed of over 400 GPU’s and FPGA’s and allows SITX to accurately simulate the physical motion and properties of biological targets at an atomistic level resolution. The platform is completely proprietary to SITX and was built from the ground up with the purpose of addressing difficult targets and using simulations to break through bottlenecks that has plagued traditional drug discovery approaches on such targets. It is currently the ONLY company which owns the entire spectrum of physics-driven drug discovery from chip-to-clinic with a team of over 40 individuals in Boston.

The Company’s initial focus in on innate immunity and its pipeline is currently composed of one project entering into IND-enabling studies, another one entering hit-to-lead and two more ramping up. It’s unique advantage in designing small molecules using all atom simulations has allowed it to advance a systemically available small molecule STING agonist into a preclinical development. The program is ramping up for IND enabling studies entry to the clinic in 2020. This differentiated product can be administered systemically via an IV dose and has single agent effects in early mouse efficacy studies using PD1 resistant tumor models and is a “rule-of-5” compliant small molecule. Beyond this one program, the Company is also advancing an ADAR inhibitor which can be considered an innate immune check-point as well as a multitude of targets that explore Innate Immunity’s role in cancer biology.

SITX was founded out of the BIDMC in late 2016 and has raised ~50mm USD to date from leading investors including Sequoia & Chengwei Capital. The Company’s investors are long-term, premier brands that have the capability to hold businesses for decades and are believers in SITX’s mission and physics-driven approach.

Job Summary

Silicon Therapeutics is seeking an enthusiastic, motivated and capable scientist and manager with extensive experience in construct design and synthesis, recombinant protein production in bacterial, yeast and insect cells and protein purification to support structure-based drug design. This person will lead a team of protein biochemists to produce highly pure proteins to support biophysics, structural biology and biochemistry. This is an exciting role for an experienced leader who is looking to work in a fast-paced startup atmosphere. The successful candidate will work with project teams to develop strategy for protein design and production and work side-by-side with their team to establish good laboratory practices, SOPs and execution.  The Protein Science leader will ensure that the members of the group upload protocols and results into an electronic laboratory notebook, manage and track reagents.

Job Responsibilities

  • Manage a group of scientists responsible for construct design and synthesis, expressing and purifying high-quality recombinant proteins for use in biophysics (NMR, SPR, SAXS), crystallization screening and in vitro biochemical assays.
  • Carefully design, manage and document research workflows, data and protocols using ELNs.
  • Organize and present data to group members and members of cross-functional project teams.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with group members and members of cross-functional project teams to develop comprehensive strategies for protein production.
  • Manage contract research organizations (CRO’s) performing protein expression and purification.
  • Effectively work with others in a highly integrated, collaborative research environment.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • B.S. / M.S with 10+ years of industry experience or Ph.D. with 5+ years of industry experience with a degree in biology, biophysics, biochemistry or related discipline.
  • Experience managing scientific and technical teams to ensure fast delivery of high-quality purified proteins, documentation, analysis and communication of experimental results.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in recombinant protein generation in multiple host cell systems (bacterial, yeast, insect cells) and protein purification using a variety of techniques (affinity, IEX, SEC).
  • Track record of tackling challenging problems with protein expression and purification.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead highly productive teams, quickly address any technical problems and effectively resolve personnel issues.
  • Experience managing CRO’s performing protein expression and purification.

Job location

The position will be located at our headquarters in the vibrant Seaport district of Boston, MA.  Our current facility includes laboratory space supporting protein expression and purification, SPR, structural biology, biochemistry, cell biology and synthetic chemistry with plans to more than double the current lab by the end of Q1 2020.  We also have scientists supporting protein production located in the co-laboratory of the Institute for Applied Life Sciences on the UMass Amherst campus.