Drug Discovery

Silicon Therapeutics (a part of Roivant Sciences) is an industry leader in the development, validation and deployment of physics-based methods for drug discovery. We bring together medicinal chemists, biologists, biophysicists, computational chemists, method developers and high-performance computing experts who formulate purpose-built algorithms to overcome bottlenecks in our drug discovery projects.

Our approach has been highly validated through peer-reviewed publications, experienced drug discovery veterans and the success and speed of clinical trial initiation of the STING agonist program for SNX281, which was developed by Silicon Therapeutics and is now wholly owned by STINGthera.

With the integration of Silicon Therapeutics and VantAI, Roivant Sciences has created the preeminent computational platform for drug discovery, with advanced capabilities ranging from target discovery to lead optimization. Working together, our drug discovery team systematically connects targets with diseases at the atomic scale. Our synergistic approach delivers design insights enabling us to evaluate candidates against the desired biological outcome and test the most promising molecules in the Roivant laboratories.