Woody Sherman, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, Silicon Therapeutics & Chief Computational Scientist, Roivant Sciences

Woody Sherman Portrait

Woody Sherman, Ph.D. is the chief scientific officer at Silicon Therapeutics and the chief computational scientist at Roivant Sciences. Dr. Sherman joined Silicon Therapeutics in March 2017 from Schrödinger, Inc., a leader in computational chemistry software development, where he was vice president and global head of the applications science team, helping pharmaceutical companies apply computational chemistry tools to challenging targets.

During his tenure at Schrödinger, Dr. Sherman was also part of the senior management team and was involved in modeling services, methods development and product management. Dr. Sherman is a leader in molecular simulations and computer-aided drug design, with more than 80 publications covering novel methods and applications. Dr. Sherman has published on a broad range of topics including free energy simulations, molecular dynamics, induced-fit docking, virtual screening, lead optimization, selectivity design, cheminformatics and protein design. He is on the editorial board of Chemical Biology & Drug Design and the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling. Dr. Sherman currently serves on the program planning committee for The Protein Society‘s 35th Anniversary Symposium. Dr. Sherman also serves on the advisory board at Pharmacelera.

Dr. Sherman earned a doctor of philosophy degree with Professor Bruce Tidor, Ph.D. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Mass. While at MIT, Dr. Sherman examined the role of electrostatics and dynamics in protein-ligand binding and developed a novel method for optimizing ligand binding specificity across a panel of (desirable and undesirable) targets.

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