Huafeng Xu, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Huafeng Xu Portrait

Huafeng Xu, Ph.D. is the chief technology officer of Silicon Therapeutics where he develops new computational methods that enable the development of drugs against traditionally “undruggable” targets.

Dr. Xu also leads the Silicon Therapeutics office in China.  Before joining Silicon Therapeutics, Dr. Xu spent 12 years at D. E. Shaw Research, a privately held biochemistry research company based in New York, where he played an early role in the design of the specialized Anton chip for molecular dynamics simulations and led development of the methods and software for free energy calculations that are now widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.  His research interests include development of simulation methods, free energy calculations, structural immunology, protein folding and misfolding, and molecular design.

Dr. Xu earned a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Peking University in Beijing, China and a master of science and a doctor of philosophy degree in chemistry and physics from Columbia University in New York.

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