The Silicon Therapeutics mission is to improve the lives of patients by creating novel disease modifying medicines for challenging targets, using our proprietary physics-driven discovery engine while building a genre defining company. These are our values:


We approach challenges head-on. Our overarching value is to take on the challenging, high impact problems using creativity and resolve to find solutions. We are undaunted in the targets we go after, in the goals we set and the decisions we make. We approach our challenges with courage and resiliency in the face of failure and understand it is only by reaching for that which others think is improbable that we can truly achieve our full potential as a company.

Patient Focused

We focus on designing molecules atom-by-atom that will ultimately be delivered to patients. Patients are the reason we are all here and why we are so determined to solve the hard problems. If we do what is in the best interest of patients, everything else will follow.


We create a highly meshed workplace, where diverse opinions are celebrated as we work together on our unified mission toward helping patients. We build connections between organizations that promote solution-oriented results in the most respectful manner.


We build and progress our projects from a foundation of fully comprehensive scientific and technical quality, including being extremely thorough in all aspects of the organization.


We expect people from all levels of the organization to think deeply and bring forward their ideas. We require our leaders to encourage employees from all levels and disciplines to challenge them and each other on a regular basis. Doing so with respect and an openness to consider all options on both sides is what will allow us to find a way where others may fail.


We make data-driven decisions. As a small company going after some of the most difficult problems in drug discovery, we frequently need to make decisions on imperfect data where there is a lot of disagreement as to which way we should go. The ability to quickly make and commit to these decisions is paramount for our success as a company.