At Roivant Discovery, we share the belief that we can develop and deliver novel medicines to treat and improve the lives of patients by taking an integrated approach that combines experts in biology, biophysics, chemistry, physics and computer science. Our team of passionate drug discovery scientists work in Boston, New York City and remotely around the US.

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Why Work at Roivant Discovery

Driving the Future of Drug Discovery 

We’re at the dawn of a new era in discovering transformative medicines. At Roivant Discovery, the drug discovery engine for Roivant Sciences, we believe that the future of drug discovery hinges on integrating leading-edge predictive science with excellence in experimental approaches. By advancing a paradigm shift in biotechnology and pioneering a physics-driven approach to drug design that is tightly coupled to chemistry and biology research and development, we are advancing the mission of Roivant Sciences to develop transformative medicines.

Our capabilities are driven by our industry-leading computational platform, which combines preeminent physics-based simulation tools with machine learning to generate unprecedented predictive power that can tackle previously intractable challenges. The tight integration of our computational platform with our broad experimental capabilities and deep drug discovery experience enables the rapid design and optimization of new drugs to address a wide range of targets for diseases with high unmet need.

“Roivant Discovery is combining the best of what is known: machine learning, physics-based simulation, biophysical and biological experiments, proteomics, and many other techniques that are making an impact.”

Jesus Izaguirre
Senior Director of Advanced Simulations at Roivant Sciences

Designing Better Medicines: Atom-by-Atom

Roivant Discovery tackles today’s vast chemical space and challenging disease targets with our proprietary quantum physics-based simulations, bespoke artificial intelligence/machine learning methods, in-house high-performance super-computing and advanced biophysical methods to perform accurate, all-atom, highly predictive simulations at scale.

By combining computational breakthroughs with project-specific experimental data, our integrated team of chemists, biologists, physicists, biophysicists, computational scientists, software engineers and parallel computing experts can produce the most accurate three-dimensional dynamic atomistic model simulations to break through historical bottlenecks that have prevented the effective discovery of therapeutics.

“Being in a place like Roivant Discovery, where you are at the interface of the wet lab and the computational, this is a really exciting place to be. And in particular, for us in structural biology even more so. Because structure is really at the core of what we’re doing here.”

Simina Grigoriu
Principal Investigator at Roivant Sciences

Cultivating Our Culture

The diversity of scientific disciplines and backgrounds at Roivant Discovery leads to consideration of multiple perspectives and ideas. Our cross-functional, multi-dimensional collaboration drives this multi-faceted approach to building high-functioning teams.

We have fostered an open-minded culture where none of us come to work with any preconceptions about how people think. We recognize that in a company teeming with new ideas, there will frequently be moments when we don’t have all the information required to reach consensus. But we’re OK with that. In fact, we encourage everyone at Roivant Discovery to share ideas and voice their opinions openly. We share the values of everyone at Roivant Sciences, whose commitment to flat organizational structures ensures the free flow of ideas and the absence of administrative bottlenecks.

“I’m not coming in to be one member of a big organization. I’m coming in, not just as a part of the culture, I’m coming in to influence the culture.”

Omar Ahmad
Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry at Roivant Sciences

Delivering for Patients

Our computational physics platform provides us with an exceptional ability to advance therapeutics toward curative outcomes for patients. Our proprietary discovery engine, based on conformational genetics and leading-edge molecular simulations, enables us to model interactions at the atomic level and gain singular insights into critical protein targets—advances which Roivant Sciences is intent on developing and delivering as novel therapeutics for patients with unmet medical needs.

“I’ve interned at a hospital and I’ve seen patients and I’ve seen what it is to help them. And doing this at the base level where you are actually involved in developing newer drugs, targeting them and establishing that proof of concept. I think that’s really important to me.”

Shourya Jain
Senior Research Associate at Roivant Sciences